The Business Creative brings together an unparalleled wealth of experience when it comes to creating and operating entertainment and event operations within the travel and leisure attractions industries. Our work has taken us all over the world, exposed us to diverse cultures and challenged us to create and operate the very best entertainment experiences for our clients.


Consultancy services

- Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Systems

- Recruitment - Front-Line, Middle & Senior Management

- Departmental Structuring, Set-Up and Handover

- Staff Management and Mentoring

- Creation of Entertainment Specific RFP/Tender Process

- Project/Budget Management

- Independent product appraisal/audit

- Return on Investment Evaluation

Set Up of New Attractions and Venues

Setting up, managing and operating an effective entertainment and event function requires deep industry knowledge, thoughtful planning and a can-do attitude.  Moreover, we believe success means applying a structured, business approach to a specialist area, often falsely shrouded in ‘fluffy’ glitz and glamour.  

At The Business Creative, our expert team brings these skills to bear on every project, offering a diverse range of consultancy services, providing expert leadership and the necessary resources to make your entertainment and event function a success.

One of our greatest strengths is the operational input we provide during the pre-opening phase.  We are well versed in setting up an entertainment/event function from the very beginning, seamlessly integrating it with the rest of your operation and, ultimately, handing over a self-sufficient department within an agreed period.

Development of Existing Operations

No matter how good your team or how established your entertainment offering may be, in order to move forward, sometimes the benefit of an external appraisal of your offering can be the only way to develop.
We work with our clients to develop in-depth audits that don’t just focus on the customer experience, but the structure and policies you have in place to deliver.   Our thorough yet unobtrusive and non-confrontational approach will lead to a set of solid recommendations that will help ensure your output matches with ever-changing consumer attitudes and customer demands.

We recognize that success can't be a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.  We get into the detail of your organization, immersing ourselves in your     business and market to ensure we offer the service and support that’s right for you.