We were thrilled to provide direction, choreography and music production for this specialist touring show. This Peel Heritage production was a fast-paced and innovative show called ‘freerunning@’ and featured contemporary street dancers, parkour professionals, base jumpers and free running traceurs all fusing their skills together as the show toured national heritage sites across the UK.

“The PEEL Entertainment Group contracted the Business to work in collaboration on the creative direction on our Freerunning@ project, a national tour with some of the country’s finest parkour athletes. Ben and his team liaised with the our music coordinator and the athletes to come up with a stunning sound track for the show, Ben was responsible for the ultimate storyline and direction/choreography of the show. The team did a fine job, the show was a great success and probably one of the most innovative new wave shows to be produced in the last few years. We enjoy working with the Business very much and look forward to future collaborative projects.”

Peel – Susannah Daley – Managing Director