Virtual activities for gyms, schools and leisure centres: using the power of technology to get kids moving

The Business Creative are extremely proud to launch our latest product - iDEA on-demand virtual activities. The brainchild of Directors Jane Maguire and Ben O’Hara, iDEA was designed to encourage people to get active physically, mentally and socially.

Our country is the least active it has been in fifty years. Statistics show that the current generation of children may be the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents’ and the finger of blame seems to pointing squarely at technology. Where children were previously playing football in the park, they are now huddled on sofas with a tablet or smartphone.


In the leisure industry the costs of running an exercise class can quickly add up – the instructor’s fees, equipment and timetabling. There is also a great deal of risk involved, if you don’t get the participants, you can end up making a loss.

With iDEA’s virtual classes all these costs and risks are removed. Simple, flexible and efficient - iDEA delivers a fantastic exercise solution via a modern medium that kids will love.

We’re attempting to tackle Britain’s inactivity issues by harnessing its love of all things tech, rather than battling against it. 

A number of gyms and leisure centres already offer family memberships, but many programmes currently offered for children centre around multi-sports and are based on ability and fitness level.


Our virtual courses are available for kids aged from 5 years old to 12+. They embrace the things kids love to do – mainly having fun. Activities include dance, juggling and even a bit of magic. With very little equipment needed any centre can start their course at the push of button.

How it works

iDEA offers on-demand, virtual activities for gyms, schools and communities, which can be accessed via any internet-enabled device. These are expertly designed to get kids physically active, mentally stimulated and engaged socially.

Once signed up, all your centre needs to do is provide a space and facilitator. This person does not need any specific sports training, their job is merely to set up the class, welcome the group and take part. The beauty of this is that any available space and staff can be used.

The benefits of going virtual:

·       Flexibility -  Classes available 24 hours a day

·       Cost effective – no need to shell out for instructor fees

·       Efficient – utilise unused space quickly and easily

·       No training needed

·       Instant – Once you’re registered, you’re ready to go!

Cost effective round-the-clock activities

This growing trend of offering virtual activities makes a huge amount of sense to the leisure industry. By removing the costs of booking and timetabling an instructor, gyms can make massive saving and offer courses which are flexible and varied.

We firmly believe that this approach can work. By developing a diverse range of activities, which include martial arts, street dance, magic tricks and army bootcamp, presented by a combination of expert instructors and popular faces from CITV and Britain’s Got Talent, this service is designed to capture and retain childrens’ interest, whilst encouraging them to learn new skills and try new things at their own pace, regardless of age or ability.

The ultimate goal is to inspire a love of physical activity that extends beyond the fitness environment.